From zero to one, fuelling the future of innovation

Alpha is a venture studio that builds AI-first businesses

AI-Enabled Products Are the Future

Every era is marked by a paradigm shift in technology. The internet era of the late 90s, the smartphone and cloud eras of the 2000's. And now, the AI era.

We empower founders, builders, and investors who want to harness the power of AI and other disruptive technologies to create products that redefine industries.

Our primary areas of focus are

  • Marketplaces
  • AI bots & Co-pilots
  • Re-defining software
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Why choose Alpha?

Expertise meets ambition

Our team combines deep knowledge of product building and AI with a profound understanding of human behaviour


We’re founders, being founder-friendly is in our DNA.  We align incentives with founders and with investors and builders. We win together

Market Opportunity

Our areas of focus offer unparalleled potential, with opportunities measured in the billions. As the incumbents lag, we have the edge

Our Portfolio

Our process transforms dreams

Into super-valuable businesses


Our team of AI experts, engineers, product designers, and business strategists work hand in hand with founders


We'll leverage our network, industry insights, and innovative GTM techniques to ensure a successful launch


We assist our founders with fundraising, connecting them with potential investors from our vast network